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Corporate Governance & Compliance

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Our objectives:
  • Advising on measures to mitigate and address the negative impact and consequences of any compliance failure;
  • Being a whistle-blower against any risk of compliance failure;
  • Familiarizing our corporate clients with their rights and duties according to the laws and regulations applicable to their activities and functioning.
Our action:

Our action consists mainly of advising the company managers in:

  • Company restructuration;
  • Drafting the constitutional documents such as the Shareholder Agreement, Company Charter, Financial Charter, Statute of the Board of Directors, Labour Contract Template…etc…;
  • Drafting corporate governance-related documents such as: the Disclosure Requirements; Self-Evaluation Systems; Manager’s Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities; Compliance Requirements; Internal Investigation Protocol; Crisis Management Protocol…;
  • Helping resolve internal conflicts (between management and shareholders; among managers or among shareholders; between employers and employees) and/or disputes with the authorities;
  • Programming and organizing meetings of the Board of Directors, Members Council, General Assembly of Shareholders.

Our corporate management services can be provided on case-by-case basis or in the form of in-house counselling (please see below)


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